Q1 2022

From DLI’s President: Building Resilience for a Stronger Future

I would like to wish all my fellow drycleaners a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. Our industry has weathered the biggest crisis we have faced in our lifetimes. With every crisis comes opportunity and we have a chance to capture a more significant piece of the pie.

To survive the changes sweeping our industry, we must adapt and think outside the box. Over the years, we drycleaners have faced many challenges, yet we adapt and get tougher with every challenge. Resilience is a muscle one can strengthen over time and the challenging times we are facing present an opportunity to flex this muscle. Several techniques I’ve found helped me build my resilience over the years and I hope you may find some of them helpful as well.

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Q3 2020

From the President: Re-define/Re-design

DLI President Dennis Schmnitt

By Dennis Schmitt, DLI President

The past four months have been unbelievable. Covid-19 has made all of us rethink our businesses, every procedure, business hours, routes, and how we advertise – as well as staffing. The most amazing thing that happened through all of this were the conference calls. Drycleaners from all over reached out to help our industry.

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Q1 2020

From DLI’s President: It’s Time! Yes, It’s Time!

By Dennis Schmitt, DLI President

Time for what you ask?  It’s time to say THANK YOU to all the dedicated women and men that have given so much for the dry cleaning and laundry industry.  This association was formed 136 years ago by drycleaners FOR drycleaners. Millions of hours are donated by men and women who leave their businesses behind and go to the meetings for the betterment of the association, many of them on their own dime.  When the board members leave their families for the meetings or conference calls they are not working on their business, but on yours. The board exemplifies working together on several topics with lengthy discussions by using each individual’s strengths.  Its amazing the drive and determination the board has to keep us on the edge of success. TO ALL THE PAST AND PRESENT DLI BOARD MEMBERS, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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January-February 2018

Tools in the Tool Box

Nesbitt Portrait.png
Mike Nesbitt, DLI 2017-2018 President

One of my Dad’s Favorite sayings was, “Son, the more tools you have in the tool box, the more options you have to do a certain task or a specific job.”

Now Dad wasn’t talking about a screwdriver or a set of wrenches. Dad was talking about “learning.” The more you know the better you will be able to capitalize on life’s opportunities

Of course, in my early years all I heard was “Blah, blah, blah!” I preferred using my time playing and having fun.

If you were like me…Dad’s sayings got a lot smarter as I got older. You may be asking, “What does his dad’s sayings have to do with dirty clothes”?

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