How to Get Started with Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Cleaner Marketing Presentation Simplifies Complex Techniques  

What good are pay-per-click (PPC) ads? Plenty good, according to Cohen Wills of Cleaner Marketing. In his May 17 presentation, “How to Maximize Your Lead Flow with PPC & Google AdWords,” Wills explained how pay-per-click ads fit into an over all digital marketing strategy. He shared how to structure PPC campaigns to generate leads and attract new customers.

Being specific with AdWords is a critical consideration when it comes to designing a PPC ad campaign. He said if a customer clicks on your ad for “Drycleaning Services” and arrives at a page extolling the benefits of laundry services, they will click away. These services are completely separate in the mind of customer, he said, and they will be confused or annoyed if they arrive at a page that does not match their specific search terms. 

WIlls said conversion tracking is an absolute must. Without this critical piece of data cleaners won’t be able to tell what facets of their marketing strategy are working, he said. 

Wills discussed how retargeting can be effective in capturing a potential customer who had been “distracted by whatever shiny object just walked into their life,” and clicked off your signup form, he said. If you’ve ever searched for a pair of shoes only to find ads for shoes all over your social feed and search results, you’ve experienced retargeting. Wills explained how cleaners can implement a similar strategy for their businesses. 

In the hour-long program, Wills covered a lot of ground and simplified some nebulous and involved marketing techniques. Member are invited to watch a recording of Wills’ presentation in DLI’s Webinar Library under Marketing in the Members Only Section of