Bruce Grossman Launches Fix-It Academy to Teach Drycleaning Maintenance and Repair

Bruce Grosssman, longtime industry columnist and DLI bulletin author on preventative maintenance and equipment repair, is launching a new venture to teach hands-on maintenance and repair.  His goal is to “teach even the most “tool-challenged” individual about that 25% of easy repairs you’ll encounter in the everyday operation of your plant,” he said. “Fixing many equipment problems is very doable when taught the proper combination of methods, parts, and tools.”

The Fix-It Academy consists of workshops on subjects such as:

  • Replacing steam traps without re-piping
  • replacing boiler sight glasses
  • Finding faulty check and blow-down valves
  • Boiler water testing
  • And more.

Grossman will teach the inaugural workshop in Las Vegas in July with additional sessions set for other locations to be determined in August and September.

To enroll or for more information on subjects and workshop dates and locations, visit  or email Bruce Grossman at