First Quarter 2019

ALL ABOUT THE NUMBERS: Drive Your Finances Before They Drive You

Filling the Lending Gap: How to Land a Business Loan from Non-Bank Lenders

Clean Show Sale Benefits Members, Exhibitors, Attendees

Students Graduate DLI’s Fall 2018 Courses

Scholarship Recipients Graduate DLI’s Fall 2018 Courses

Probably Everything You Wanted To Know About Boiler Water Treatment But Didn’t Know Who To Ask PART TWO

THINK To Stay On The Strategic Path

Available only in the print edition and DLI’s Drycleaning Encyclopedia:

  • How to Determine Your Operating Expenses: Survey Results and Worksheet
  • Optimize Loads for Better Drycleaning
  • Tips for Conducting a Solid Interview
  • Not In Vogue No. 132: Clavin Klein Dress
  • TABS No. 495: Drycleaning Causes Dye Streaks (English & Spanish)
  • TABS No. 496: Drycleaning Dissolves Trim (English & Spanish)