Q2 2023

DLI’s Marketing Lab Helps Members Attract Business

DLI’s Marketing Lab is a monthly virtual meeting allowing DLI members to share ideas about how to attract business. Members share ideas they have used or are considering and discuss how to best promote their businesses. The hour-long meetings give members an opportunity to learn and share marketing ideas and see what other members are doing. The emphasis is on what other members are doing and how well those efforts are working.

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Q2 2023

Member Orientation: So Much More to Membership

Thank you for continued support of DLI! We are excited to provide you with the benefits reserved for our members. Please join Jon Meijer, DLI’s Membership Director, and Peter Blake, regional association Executive Director on the first Wednesday of each month at 3 p.m. Eastern for a brief tour of how your DLI benefits can help your business succeed. 

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Q2 2023

Learn From Your Peers and Share Your Expertise

More than 130 years ago, a group of garment care professionals met in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to band together as a team and associate with each other. They envisioned an institute that could bring cleaners together to share ideas, develop best practices, provide education, and generally make business easier for members of the group. That group is DLI and the founders’ vision continues to direct DLI’s operations to this day.      

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Q2 2023

Hiring & Retaining Good Employees

Finding and keeping reliable, trustworthy employees can be a complicated and difficult task. Short-term gig work opportunities and remote working options are disrupting industries across America, meaning business owners and managers alike are all struggling to recruit from a dwindling pool of competent applicants, and keep them. The true costs of turnover can be hard to determine, but everyone seems to agree it is very costly to constantly hire and train new employees all the time.

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Q2 2023

Using Hashtags to Promote Your Business

Rechelle Balanzat, CEO and Founder of Juliette Dry Cleaners in New York City shared how hashtags can help raise  business profiles on social media in a DLI webinar, February 22. “Social media has really become synonymous with digital marketing,” Balanzat said. “Your clients expect you to be on social media. People want to engage with you on their terms.”

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Q2 2023

EPA to Propose New Perc Drycleaning Rule

In December 2022, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released a final risk determination for Perchloroethylene (Perc).  Since the 1970s, Perc has been one of the most studied and reviewed man-made chemicals with regard to human and environmental risk associated with its use. Over the years, perc drycleaners have seen increased scrutiny with its use, including phase outs of older equipment technologies, additional reporting requirements and increased risk management controls.

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Q2 2023

DLI Operating Cost Survey Underway

Your Data Make the Results More Accurate

Some of the material members most frequently request from DLI is information concerning drycleaning industry operating expenses. DLI periodically performs a survey and releases the results to members. This involves aggregating figures on various revenues and expenses so DLI can create a clear image of the overall industry’s operations.   

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Q2 2023

Free Up Your Time: Empower Your Team with DLI’s Resources

DLI’s services are designed to help member cleaners and their teams succeed. We realize that while you may have access to DLI’s Drycleaning Encyclopedia, Social Media Posts, Stain Removal Guide and more, you may not be the person who needs this access. Rather than having to help employees log in to access DL’s services, you can add them to your account so they can access the information they need when they need it.

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