Q3 2020

Moment with Mary: Your Support Means Everything

Mary Scalco, DLI CEO

By Mary Scalco, DLI CEO

I’m sure like me you are a wishing someone would pinch you and you would wake up a find that the past few months were a nightmare. If someone would have told us in December that we’d be living through a pandemic and that the global economy would nosedive off a steep cliff, we would have laughed.

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Q3 2020

From the President: Re-define/Re-design

DLI President Dennis Schmnitt

By Dennis Schmitt, DLI President

The past four months have been unbelievable. Covid-19 has made all of us rethink our businesses, every procedure, business hours, routes, and how we advertise – as well as staffing. The most amazing thing that happened through all of this were the conference calls. Drycleaners from all over reached out to help our industry.

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Q3 2020

Disruption’s Impact on the Industry: Where Do We Go From Here?

By: John Paul Roggenkamp

Just as drycleaners were starting to adapt to laundry lockers, mobile apps, social media marketing, and the like – bam! – the entire global economy shuts down because of a virus. Talk about disruption! DLI reached out to four leading minds in the drycleaning industry to ask how they’re adapting to the many changes coming everyone’s way.

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Q3 2020

Buddy to Boss: Helping Newly Promoted Managers Succeed

Does the following story sound familiar? A hard working employee—let’s call her Debora—proves herself a great sales producer and a real “go-getter.” When a supervisory position opens up, Debora seems the logical choice for the spot. Who else could better train the staff into a mean, lean selling machine? Debora accepts the promotion with enthusiasm and everyone looks forward to great things.

Alas, the anticipated revenue boom never materializes. In fact, sales start to soften. It’s no secret why: People hate working for Debora. The result is predictable: Productivity falls. Customers flee. Profits go down.

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Q3 2020

Compressed Air Systems, Part  3 by Bruce Grossman

By Bruce Grossman

In my long career troubleshooting and maintaining drycleaning and laundry equipment by far the largest cause of machine failure has been the condition of the compressed air reaching the machinery. Valves and regulators directing the flow of compressed air are wonders of modern manufacturing technology with close tolerances requiring the compressed air to be as free from particulates and moisture as possible.

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Q3 2020

Kick Your Quality Up a Notch by Don Desrosiers

Let’s look at our quality and see if we can raise the bar.  Or, in the words of my famous cousin Emeril Lagasse, “Let’s kick it up a notch!”

When we justify higher prices to ourselves or our customers, we say we produce a higher quality product than the discounter around the corner.  However, we render ourselves speechless when we mystery shop that competitor and learn they do a darn good job.

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