Q2 2021

DLI’s Inner Circle Group Members Forge New Relationships at First Meeting

DLI’s Inner Circle is a virtual management group program spearheaded by Diana Vollmer with Ascend Consulting Group.

DLI Forming New Groups, Space is Limited

DLI’s Inner Circle, The Drycleaning & Laundry Institute’s new, virtual management group program, held its first meeting Thursday, February 25. The program is spearheaded by Diana Vollmer with Ascend Consulting Group, a veteran management group director. The group is composed of 13 members from the U.S. and Canada. While this group is up and running, DLI plans to add more groups to the program and is currently accepting registrations for members to join a group.


“We talked about the state of the industry and what immediate opportunities are available, what you can do now, during Covid, to help sustain and grow your business,” said Brian Johnson, DLI’s Director of Education and group liaison.


Members of the group also forged new relationships, with some members sharing contact information to discuss ideas in more detail between quarterly meetings.

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Q2 2021

All About Meters, Part One

By Bruce Grossman, EZ Timers Manufacturing

The next series of articles will be devoted to the safe use of meters in preventing and troubleshooting common problems encountered in the operation of your plant. Included will be the different tests and measurements required, why they are necessary, how to take them, and the meaning of the results. Don’t be concerned about being familiar with terms used in this article, they will be defined and explained as the need arises. Also, for those of you who are hesitant to tackle electrical testing, I’ll be showing you how to safely use these devices.

The list of meters which this series of articles will cover are as follows:

  1. Volt/OHM/Ammeter – General electrical testing.
  2. Digital Laser Thermometer – Boiler valve performance checks.
  3. pH and TDS Meter – Boiler chemistry testing.

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Q2 2021

Building Business Beyond Lockdown

Side hustles operators can consider to help shore up their bottom lines as the pandemic’s impact subsides

By Ian P. Murphy

The initial coronavirus lockdowns hit drycleaners hard last year. Business dropped 40% to 50% for most operators as people suddenly retreated into their homes. People who were able to keep their jobs did them at a distance, rarely making the effort to dress professionally for Zoom calls.

Some of that drycleaning business returned as restrictions eased. But the pandemic has made an indelible impact on the way people communicate and work. The casual workplace is now the rule, and dressing for the office is the exception to it.

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Q2 2021

What’s Next? – Moment with Mary

Mary Scalco, DLI CEO.

That is the question everyone is looking to answer as we move into life after the pandemic. Now, my crystal ball is not crystal clear and as more states ease restrictions the picture will become clearer.

There are two schools of thought — one says business will be like the Roaring Twenties after prohibition and the other says the general public will still be wary after the restrictions are lifted. I choose to believe in the first scenario and there is something to be said for “If you believe it, it is more likely to happen.”

Now I’m not saying just because we wish everything will return to normal or prepandemic it will — but you can prepare and position your company in that regard. Yes, things will be different but one thing I learned this past year is how resilient and kind DLI members are.

Members have taken the opportunity to work on their businesses over the past year; I’m not talking about production, I’m talking about the business. Looking at their marketing, looking at their financials, and looking to where they want to be when the economy fully reopens.

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Q2 2021

GreenEarth Cleaning Involved in Fight Against COVID-19

“The more things change, the more they remain the same.” While the year 2020 will long be remembered for the substantial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, GreenEarth’s response to it has been much the same as how the company approached the drycleaning industry when it began its business in 1999. At both times, GreenEarth sought to solve a problem by testing solutions.

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Q2 2021

DLI Holding Elections for District 3 and District 4 This Spring

The following drycleaning professionals are running for election to the Director post in their Districts.  Each nominee is running unopposed in his district and has an extensive background in the industry. Ballots will be mailed to voting members in each district.

Each of the candidates has served the industry as a District Committee Member in their respective regions, and both are already familiar with DLI’s Board of Directors procedures.

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Q2 2021

DLI Offers Virtual Stain Removal Course in May

Training is a critical aspect of running a tight ship. Because the global travel situation is not exactly ideal, DLI offers hands-on, live instruction in a remote learning format over six, three-hour sessions in May. This means students can get the training they need without traveling to DLI’s School of Drycleaning Technology.


“The pandemic hit our industry hard,” said Brian Johnson, DLI’s Director of Education & Analysis. “In its nearly 100-year history, DLI’s school was only closed one other time during World War II. With this course, we’re offering in-depth, virtual, live training. This will help students understand this complex, but very important, aspect of the business.”

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