Q2 2019

Be on the Cover of Fabricare

All DLI members are invited to visit DLI’s booth in the Sponsor Pavilion of the Clean Show to have their photo taken and placed on the cover of the magazine. Print copies will be available as well as a digital version of the photo for use online.

Q2 2019

Spring 2019 DLI Graduates & Scholarships

Students from 10 U.S. states and one tropical island attended the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute’s Spring 2019 Introduction to Drycleaning and Advanced Drycleaning Courses. In its 91styear, DLI’s School of Drycleaning Technology has trained thousands of drycleaners all over the globe. Students learned about all aspects of the industry.

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Q2 2019

Selling Your Drycleaning Plant May Have Become More Difficult!

By Jon Meijer, DLI Director of Membership

As of the Small Business Administration (SBA) updating its Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) 50 10 on January 1, 2018, lenders who work with it will need to follow the updated Standard Operating Procedure Guidelines (SOP) before making a loan. Many of us know that while the SBA does not actually provide loans for a business startup or the purchase of an existing business, they do guarantee the money that is borrowed, thus making it easier for lenders to take a risk with the borrower. With this guarantee, lenders that work with the SBA follow a set of SOPs provided by the SBA.

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Q2 2019

Probably Everything You Wanted to Know About Boiler Water Treatment but Didn’t Know Who to Ask Part Three

By: Bruce Grossman


What is surging or foaming? – This is when impurities or internal damage to the boiler cause rapid level changes and/or violent bursts of boiling within the boiler pressure vessel.  The presence of this condition is usually identified by the rapid change of level in the water column sight glass. Normally the level indicated in the sight glass should change gradually with the consumption of steam, lowering the level and reaction of the condensate pump pushing water into the boiler, raising the level. When the boiler is operating properly it is a good idea to take a marking pen and draw lines on the sight glass marking the levels at which the return pump switches on and off.

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Q2 2019

Dreaming of Clean in New Orleans

By Don Desrosiers, Tailwind Systems

I’ll be off to New Orleans for the Clean Show soon.  It’ll be my 16thconsecutive show, dating back to the legendary Dallas snowstorm of 1989.  Too many in the industry opt out of the opportunity to attend the Clean Show.  When I ask why – and I always ask – the answer is almost universally “I don’t need anything.”  Here’s a tip:  The best time to go is when you don’t need anything!  I promise!

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Q2 2019

Budgeting – You Know You Should, But Do You Know How?

By Nick Kolbenschlag, Crown Wealth Group

Running a small business can be extremely rewarding but includes challenges.  One of the most important aspects of your business planning is also one of the toughest, and most owners ignore it all together.  I’m talking about budgeting.  If you just cringed hearing that word, relax, this article is intended to give you some tips to get your budget set and keep your business’ cash flow on track.

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Q2 2019

DLI Clean 2019 Education Sessions

DLI plans educational sessions for every Clean Show and this year we’ve got a great lineup for attendees. From new perspectives, technologies, and diversifications, DLI’s Clean Show education sessions will help you make better informed business decisions. Join us for these sessions and get the most out of your trip to the Clean Show.

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