Q1 2022

The Lurking Horror of PFAS Contamination

Drycleaning has a new boogeyman in the form of so-called “forever chemicals” hitching rides into your business on garments. Delanie Breuer, and environmental attorney and shareholder with Reinhart, Boerner Van Deuran explained potential concerns for DLI members and the garment care industry in general in her October 5 presentation “Could PFAS Contamination Impact Your Business.” Here are some takeaways from her presentation, a recording of which is available in the On-Demand Webinar Library in the Members Only Section of DLIonline.org.

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Q1 2022

From DLI’s President: Building Resilience for a Stronger Future

I would like to wish all my fellow drycleaners a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. Our industry has weathered the biggest crisis we have faced in our lifetimes. With every crisis comes opportunity and we have a chance to capture a more significant piece of the pie.

To survive the changes sweeping our industry, we must adapt and think outside the box. Over the years, we drycleaners have faced many challenges, yet we adapt and get tougher with every challenge. Resilience is a muscle one can strengthen over time and the challenging times we are facing present an opportunity to flex this muscle. Several techniques I’ve found helped me build my resilience over the years and I hope you may find some of them helpful as well.

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Q1 2022

Meet DLI’s 2021-2022 Board of Directors

DLI’s Board of Directors recognizes valued contributions and inducts new volunteer leadership each year. New Directors are sworn in as their predecessors move to an executive position or become DLI Senators, an exclusive title for previous members of the Board. This year DLI welcomes a host of new faces to its governing body. 

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Q1 2022

DLI Membership Pays Significant Savings

New 2022 Package Delivers Gift Certificates from Popular Vendors Worth $470+

Drycleaning & Laundry Institute membership saves members money.  Not intangible money but actual savings in the form of gift certificates from popular industry companies. Members of DLI’s Board of Directors invited Allied Trades Members, industry service providers, suppliers, and manufacturers who support the industry and Institute, to provide direct discounts on products members buy and use regularly. 

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Q1 2022

Take Your Quality to New Levels

By Don Desrosiers, Tailwind Systems

As we struggle to return our businesses to a feeling of normality and try to pretend the past couple of years have been a bad dream, we must remember we cannot leave it all to chance.  When we compete for market share, we often do the obvious things to stay we are a step ahead of our competitors.  We guarantee on-time service and quality work. We spend money on store beautification, employee training, DLI classes, and modern equipment.  These are all key expenditures and highly recommended but we can also run out of ideas.  We can look around our brand-new plant with brand-new, state-of-the-art equipment, stocked full of terrific, fully-trained, dynamic employees and think, “What now?”

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Q1 2022

New Blended Courses Offer Students More Flexibility

2022 Course Offerings Include On-Site, Virtual, and a Combination of Both

The Drycleaning and Laundry Institute released plans for its School of Drycleaning Technology courses throughout 2022. This year DLI offers a host of options for students, including On-Site Courses, Virtual Courses, and Blended Learning (a combination of virtual and on-site training).

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Q1 2022

Check Valve Troubleshooting

In my travels as a drycleaning mechanic, one of the more common complaints I hear is the loss of steam pressure caused by low water level in the boiler. Low water level can be caused by several different problems, and in this and follow-on issues I’ll be explaining how to find the cause/causes of low water faults. Causes of this type of fault mimic each other, so finding the culprit is more or less a process of elimination, so I’m going to discuss these problems starting from the fault that is easiest to identify.

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