Q4 2023

Better Days Ahead: A Positive Attitude Goes a Long Way…

By Kathy Benzinger, DLI President

As we continue to see positive developments in our businesses, we realize just how lucky we are to be a part of this industry. People are returning to work while parties and weddings are in full swing. We are rolling out new services and automation is helping us become more efficient. By now, most of us are barcoding with some assisted assembly, and many are considering or already using automated bagging machines. Metalprogetti is expanding automation on the AIB side, and steam tunnels are growing in popularity.

Kathy Benzinger, DLI President

Succeeding in this time of change requires a commitment to remain positive and take steps toward our larger goals, even when that seems daunting.

A few months ago, after a Peer-to-Peer call, I contacted Will Waterstraat from Helena’s Cleaners in Seattle and asked him how he has expanded his business over the past three-four years. He responded, “I make a conscious effort to stay in my office.” It must be nice but who will get the work out, I thought. Like some of you, I didn’t know it was possible, but it is possible if you are willing to try. Start with committing to just one day a week, maybe even half a day of office time; I promise it will make a difference. I’ll be the first to admit it wasn’t easy but the pay-off is enormous. Remember: even the big guys had to start with just one day a week.

While we work on our individual businesses, please know that DLI continues to provide quality education and certification options, works to keep us connected, and educates representatives  on proposed government regulations that could create a hardship for the industry. Weekly Peer-to-Peer Zoom calls, monthly webinars, virtual stain removal classes, and much more are available to you. The DLI virtual stain removal classes are gaining in popularity, with a second class added this fall. If you miss a webinar, they are recorded and listed on the DLI website.

I hope you will prioritize DLI Peer-to-Peer Zoom calls on your calendar and make time to view one webinar a week. Get involved with your local and regional associations. Make it a priority to stay out of the plant at least one day a week. Finally, remember how a positive attitude can make a difference. I challenge you to make one small change starting today and if you need help, please know that DLI is here to help you.

I promise better days are ahead if you can make small changes one at a time!

I look forward to serving you as the President of DLI.

-Kathy Bennzinger

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