Q2 2023

Member Orientation: So Much More to Membership

Thank you for continued support of DLI! We are excited to provide you with the benefits reserved for our members. Please join Jon Meijer, DLI’s Membership Director, and Peter Blake, regional association Executive Director on the first Wednesday of each month at 3 p.m. Eastern for a brief tour of how your DLI benefits can help your business succeed. 

As a DLI Member, you are entitled to a host of free member benefits and DLI would like to invite you to a virtual tour to review them all.

What you’ll learn:

You are entitled to A LOT of DLI membership benefits. Join us for an informal overview of all the ways DLI can help your business. 

You already paid for membership. Let us help you get the most out of DLI with a short tour.

We’ll answer these questions and more: 

  • How can I get help with virtually any drycleaning issue? 
  • How can I access DLI’s Garment Analysis Laboratory? 
  • How can DLI help me with digital marketing?
  • Does DLI share marketing materials I can use? 
  • Where can I find hundreds of webinar recordings on marketing, diversifications, routes, wash-dry-fold, maintenance, and more? 
  • Where can I meet non-competing cleaners to discuss business? 

We’ll be happy to answer any additional questions and show how DLI membership can help you! 

This orientation is open to any number of members in your company. We recommend sharing this invitation to others so they can begin utilizing their membership benefits.
 Additional employees can be added to your DLI account by following the instructions on pg. 9 of this issue.

Join us 

Wednesday, May 3, June 7 or July 5 at 3 p.m. Eastern 

for a brief tour. 

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