Q2 2023

On Screen or In-Person, You’re DLI’s Greatest Resource

Jeff Schwegmann, DLI President

It is hard to believe we are already at the end of the First Quarter of 2023. Looking back at this decade, it is hard to believe all the challenges drycleaning businesses have been through over the last three years. What stands out most to me is the level of cooperation and the commitment of drycleaners to share their best practices and work together to improve their businesses.

Meet Virtually

DLI’s Peer-to-Peer Zoom meetings started early in the pandemic as a way to help DLI members share information about assistance programs and best practices related to their businesses during the pandemic shutdown. Have you joined one of these Zoom meetings lately? I speak to many drycleaners every week, and I encourage people to join the call. Why? Every week great information is shared by the members. Discussion about electric delivery vans, discussions about pressing and piece per operator hour to discussions about marketing and hiring, and even invitations to come visit each other’s plants – to name just a few topics.

Every week we host about 30-40 participants. I believe there should be many more. Some members are active in sharing and asking questions. Others just listen in. All are welcome and all approaches are accepted and appreciated. The Peer-to-Peer Zoom call is part of your membership and occurs on Tuesday each week. Make it a point to join the call. Look for me and please say hello. Bring your questions or just observe. Our fellow members are the greatest resource of information. You are already working hard IN your business, there shouldn’t be an excuse to miss a chance to work ON your business. One hour a week could change your business forever.

In-Person Meetings

The Southwestern Drycleaners Association event is in April. It will be the only equipment show of the year. The SDA has done a great job at arranging the show and the schedule is filled with can’t miss opportunities. Be sure to attend.

DLI membership has been good for my family’s company. The resources we have learned from and connections we made are endlessly fruitful. If you have any questions or need help learning how to get the most out of your membership please contact me or one of your DLI Board Members.


Jeff Schwegmann

Sunshine Cleaners Company


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