Q2 2023

Learn From Your Peers and Share Your Expertise

More than 130 years ago, a group of garment care professionals met in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to band together as a team and associate with each other. They envisioned an institute that could bring cleaners together to share ideas, develop best practices, provide education, and generally make business easier for members of the group. That group is DLI and the founders’ vision continues to direct DLI’s operations to this day.      

DLI brings members together each Tuesday for virtual meetings so participants can share ideas and expertise. The Zoom meetings are designed as an open forum for members to ask questions, pose thoughts or ideas, and to voice concerns over the latest happenings. All DLI members are invited to attend. Invitations are sent by email and access links can also found in DLI’s Events Calendar at DLIonline.org 

In the meetings, members share ideas, problems, and successes. Some of the members who participate have large operations, while others may operate one location with a couple of employees. All participating members say they gain meaningful information to help their business succeed in difficult times. 

The open forum design allows for a very diverse and wide range of topics. Members are free to ask anything and to offer their opinions. 

DLI is on the call to facilitate discussion and to help bring up newsworthy topics if needed. Recent conversations have included discussions on: 

  • Poly Recycling & Reusable Garment Bags
  • Hours of operations & Holiday schedules
  • Tax relief and incentives for hiring
  • How to find reliable staff 


  • How to better develop routes and increase sales 
  • How to communicate with customers and use of texting 
  • Marketing best practices and the viability of some methods 
  • Lead generation & follow-up including incentives 

“This is one of the best new programs developed for our members,” said Peter Blake, SEFA Executive Director. “It is a great way to get feedback from the people who are facing the same challenges, the same issues as you are and are trying to accomplish very similar goals. DLI gives you access to this great community of people who are ready and willing to offer their experiences, and I am glad to see more members taking advantage of it. 

One of the best benefits membership gives you is access to a tremendous community of people who are invested in your success. Join the conversation each Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time.

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