Q2 2023

DLI’s Marketing Lab Helps Members Attract Business

DLI’s Marketing Lab is a monthly virtual meeting allowing DLI members to share ideas about how to attract business. Members share ideas they have used or are considering and discuss how to best promote their businesses. The hour-long meetings give members an opportunity to learn and share marketing ideas and see what other members are doing. The emphasis is on what other members are doing and how well those efforts are working.

All DLI members are welcome to join the Marketing Lab discussions on the third Wednesday of each month. 

During the March 15 meeting, Vikki Reed with Fashion Cleaners and Launderers in Omaha, Nebraska, shared some examples of pieces she uses to attract new home buyers in her store’s area. Each piece was nicely branded and included a special offer for new customers. She showed that eight of the pieces had been redeemed and it was only halfway through the month.  

Second quarter 2023 Marketing Lab meetings will be held on the following days from 3 – 4 p.m. Eastern: 

April 19 • May 17 • June 21

Members may register for DLI’s Marketing Lab here.

Vikki Reed of Fashion Cleaners and Launderers in Omaha, Nebraska, shared some marketing tactics during DLI’s March 2023 Marketing Lab meeting. Her tactics focused on new home buyers in her business coverage area.

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