Q1 2023

Graduates Complete DLI’s 381st Drycleaning Course Sessions

DLI’s School of Drycleaning Technology trained another group of students in the art and science of running a successful drycleaning business. Students attended The Institute’s 381st General Drycleaning Course, comprised of the one-week Introduction to Drycleaning and two-week Advanced Drycleaning Courses.

Founded in 1927, DLI’s School of Drycleaning Technology has helped shape the careers of thousands of drycleaners worldwide. In these courses, students learned about:

  • Sorting loads for drycleaning
  • The science of drycleaning
  • Fibers and their characteristics
  • Fabric construction
  • Cleaning silk, stain, and other fabrics
  • Soil and cleaning theory
  • Operating a drycleaning machine
  • Stain removal chemistry and procedures
  • Removing coffee, ink, grease, and other stains from clothing
  • Pressing pants, coats, blouses, ties, pleated garments, and skirts
  • Using tensioning equipment to improve finishing quality
  • Using bleaches without damaging fabric color
  • Distillation procedures
  • Understanding the differences between solvent types
  • Wetcleaning wool, silk, and more
  • Designing a drycleaning plant with the most effective workflow

Three complete in-person DLI courses will be offered in 2023:

Spring Session

  • Introduction to Drycleaning: March 6 – 10
  • Advanced Drycleaning: March 13 – 24

Summer Session

  • Introduction to Drycleaning: July 17 – 21
  • Advanced Drycleaning: July 24 – August 4

 Fall Session

  • Introduction to Drycleaning: October 16 – 20
  • Advanced Drycleaning: October 23 – November 3

Two Virtual Stain Removal Courses will also be offered in 2023. These courses are comprised of seven sessions. Each session lasts two hours. All sessions must be completed to pass the course:

Spring Session

  • April 25, 27, May 2, 4, 9, 11, and 16 

Fall Session

  • September 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, 28, and October 3

Prospective students are invited to learn more and register at www.DLIonline.org/Education or to call Melissa Wagner at 800-638-2627.


Introduction to Drycleaning Class 381
October  17 – 21, 2022

Left to right: Brian O’Donnell, La Nuova Drycleaners, New Plymouth, New Zealand; Jennifer Saunders, East Hills Cleaners, Saint Joseph, Missouri; Taiwo Bade-John, Whiteice Laundry & Drycleaning, Services Limited, Lagos, Nigeria; Sean Rees, Magic Lockers, Inc., Montreal, Canada; Kevin McAllister, Kreussler, Inc., Tampa, Florida.


Advanced Drycleaning Class 381
October  24 – November 4, 2022

Left to right: Kerry Glasgow, Sudsies Dry Cleaners, Miami Beach, Florida; Sean Rees, Magic Lockers, Inc., Montreal, Canada; Taiwo Bade-John, Whiteice Laundry & Drycleaning Services Limited, Lagos, Nigeria; Shawn Norred, Puritan Cleaners, Richmond, Virginia; Kevin McAllister, Kreussler, Inc., Tampa, Florida; Brian O’Donnell, La Nuova Drycleaners, New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Jennifer Saunders attended the course with a scholarship from the Southwest Drycleaners Association.

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