Q1 2023

Beware Fake Deposit Email Scam

Beware Fake Deposit Email Scam

DLI has been alerted to the return of a familiar scam targeting cleaning businesses. This email scam involves a fictional hotel order and attempts to make it seem like the cleaner has made an agreement with the sender.

If you have no idea what this is about, then it’s a scam. In the past DLI has identified a similar scam involving a person claiming to be unable to talk on the phone who uses an operator and a teletypewriter as a go-between. The content is essentially the same with the offer of a hefty deposit before the items arrive. If that’s not how you normally do business, beware. DLI recommends not engaging with this email – even replying to reject the offer informs the sender that they have a valid email address – and reporting such instances to your local Better Business Bureau.

SCAM EMAIL TEXT: “Thank you for your reply towards my inquiry in cleaning the hotel laundry,I have informed the trucker to schedule a drop off at your location, they have already picked up the laundry this morning. Waiting for your laundry name and address to drop off do reply to me with the correct details. also provide me with the correct name and address to overnight your check to, i want to pay a deposit of $2500 for the job, once the laundry is drop off weight it and confirm how much am going to balance when the laundry is done thank you.”

If you suspect you’ve been targeted by a scam, please share the content of the scam and how you were contacted with DLI at DLInews@DLIonline.org.


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