Q3 2022

Virtual Stain Removal Course Turns Trainees into Pros

TWENTY STUDENTS RECENTLY COMPLETED DLI’S LATEST VIRTUAL STAIN REMOVAL COURSE THIS SPRING. DLI’s School of Drycleaning Technology re-tooled the course to work in an online-only format and added extra flexibility to help students succeed in the course.

“Convenience was a huge factor for the students,” said Brian Johnson, DLI’s Director of Education & Training. “The students loved it because they didn’t have to leave

their work and families to come to the school. With the online course they could develop this critical skill without having to be away from work or home.

“With this course, we offered in-depth, virtual, live training,” Johnson said. “Demand was very high for this course and unfortunately, we weren’t able to get everyone in. We’re offering another session for this course starting September 13.”


DLI will offer the Virtual Stain Removal course again from September 13 – October 4. The course will run over seven, two-hour sessions. In contrast, the in-person version of this course takes three full, eight-hour days to complete at DLI’s school. Space will again be limited. The course includes a set of pre-stained fabric samples students use to practice their skills. The course textbook serves as a handy reference guide to removing stains when the course is complete.

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