Q2 2022

Renewing Members Save Money with DLI Membership Pays Program

Renew to Receive Your Gift Certificate Package

DLI’S BOARD OF DIRECTORS CREATED THE PROGRAM TO HELP MEMBERS IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE: BY RETURNING MONEY TO YOUR BOTTOM LINE. Renewing your DLI membership in 2022 comes with an extra benefit in the form of gift certificates worth $450 or more.

Gift certificates shared by participating Allied Trades companies are valid for one year after the date of beginning membership with DLI.

“Members buy products and services from these industry providers on a regular basis, so these savings will go straight to their bottom lines,” said Kyle Nesbit, DLI District Six Director and Senior Vice President of Business Development at Edit TX LLC, a Tide Cleaners franchise in Houston, Texas. “Membership actually pays

you back with this package and that does not include some of DLI’s less-tangible benefits like instant on-call technical help, drycleaning courses, training webinars, networking opportunities, free marketing news and pieces, our On-Demand Webinar library, Encyclopedia of Drycleaning, free legal and human resources consultations, and more.”


DLI’s Board of Directors has invited all DLI Allied Trades Members to participate in the DLI Membership Pays program. Some companies are still finalizing the details of their participation but as of January 2022, the following companies are offering new membership gift certificates in the following amounts through 2023:

• BeCreative360 – $50 credit
• EnviroForensics & PolicyFind – $200 value
• EZ Products International – $100 credit
• Kleerwite Chemical – $25 value
• Memories Gown Preservation – $35 credit
• NIE Insurance – 6% off insurance
• Sankosha USA – 25% off an order of covers & pads • SPOT Business Systems – $5 credit per month
• Unipress Corporation – $200 freight credit

“This group of industry leaders believe in the industry and the association so much they are willing to share direct discounts on their products and services with DLI members,” said Bobby Patel, DLI President and owner of Kona Cleaners in Orange, California and BeCreative360, an industry marketing firm. “This is a significant amount in savings.”

“This package offers real discounts new members can use to collect an immediate return on their investment in

DLI membership,” said Jon Meijer, DLI Membership Director. “If you’re in the market for new equipment or supplies, (and who isn’t?), you’ll find a great value in this package.”

Members are enjoying their savings. John Mertes, operations manager at Ziker Cleaners in South Bend, Indiana, said, “I saved 25% of press pads just for renewing my DLI membership. That’s $995 of real money our business saved.” That alone is more than the cost of Standard DLI membership for one year.

“Saved $35 on a wedding gown preservation from Memories Gown Preservation,” said Heath Bolin, President of Sparkle Cleaners in Tucson, Arizona. “This along with the other DLI discounts save us money with important vendors.”

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