Q2 2022

DLI Educational Sessions at Clean 2022

DLI offers a host of educational opportunities at the Clean Show covering your business culture, self-service technology, marketing, using POS systems to market, and best practices for sustainability. Here is the schedule of events:

SATURDAY, JULY 30 — 8 – 9 a.m.

Best Culture Wins — Sean Abbas, The Threads, Inc.

Workplace culture affects all aspects of your business and has never been as important as it is now. A positive culture will elevate productivity, decrease turnover, increase loyalty, and impact overall employee happiness. Designed to inspire action, this presentation will share experiences on what it takes to make or break a thriving culture.

SATURDAY, JULY 30 — 9 – 10 a.m.
Self-Service Technology Is Here — Nathaniel Dubasik, Burke Cleaners

Automated self-servicing kiosks for garment pick-up and drop- off can let you serve more customers with fewer employees. This session offers insight on how one drycleaning business is reimagining the customer service experience by increasing automation and convenience while decreasing employees and labor costs.

SUNDAY, JULY 31 — 8 – 10 a.m.
12 Profit Activators: Guaranteed To Create An Immediate Cash Flow Surge — Dave Coyle, Maverick Drycleaners

If taking your business to the next level is your goal then you don’t want to miss this session. First, a marketing expert will present 12 activators proven to grow your business. Then, a panel

of drycleaners will discuss how they implemented these activators and the success they ultimately achieved.

MONDAY, AUGUST 1 — 8 – 9 a.m.
Marketing through Your POS — Norman Way, Puritan Cleaners

Are you using your point-of sale system to its full potential? Your POS may provide valuable data about customer experiences, preferred services, and spending habits. This information can then be used to build targeted messages to boost repeat purchases and additional spending. Hear experts share ways to use this powerful tool to create personalized interaction with customers and increase revenue.

MONDAY, AUGUST 1 — 9 – 10 a.m.
CINET PTC Global Best Practices Program — Peter Wennekes, CINET

The Retail Textile Cleaning industry is in need for new and advanced business models that guarantee a high quality, sustainable and circular performance. Over 150 companies worldwide are expected to participate, but only the best 50 companies will be invited by an independent international jury to do a presentation for the International esteemed awards in the categories Retail Textile Cleaning, Retail Textile Cleaning BIG and Industrial Textile Service.

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