Q1 2022

From DLI’s President: Building Resilience for a Stronger Future

I would like to wish all my fellow drycleaners a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. Our industry has weathered the biggest crisis we have faced in our lifetimes. With every crisis comes opportunity and we have a chance to capture a more significant piece of the pie.

To survive the changes sweeping our industry, we must adapt and think outside the box. Over the years, we drycleaners have faced many challenges, yet we adapt and get tougher with every challenge. Resilience is a muscle one can strengthen over time and the challenging times we are facing present an opportunity to flex this muscle. Several techniques I’ve found helped me build my resilience over the years and I hope you may find some of them helpful as well.

The first key to mental resilience is to calm your mind. You can observe and manage your thoughts with a calm mind, focusing on the most critical tasks. 

Frustration, disappointment, and fear can lead to poor decisions and overreactions; it harms the team around you. During a crisis, it is imperative to step back and reflect. Often in those moments, clearer paths emerge.

Show up and give your best to every situation presented to you without worrying about the outcome.

In the face of all today’s challenges and risks, a positive mindset will serve you and your organization well. Remember, resilient leaders can turn a crisis into an opportunity to move forward, creating even more value for your company and positively impacting your future. You have the resources within you to become better.

On behalf of the DLI board, I would like to thank my fellow drycleaners for supporting DLI through good times and bad.

All the best for a wonderful 2022.

Bobby Patel

Kona Cleaners & BeCreative360

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