Q3 2021

Open for Business with Jess Culpepper, DLI President

This past year will be remembered as one for the annals of agony and anguish, but the storm clouds are parting and brighter days lie ahead. According to gathered data and numerous firsthand accounts many in the dryleaning industry are seeing sales continue to climb and close in on pre-pandemic numbers.

Jess Culpepper, DLI President

This is all good news which is long overdue. With lives and living returning to a somewhat recognizable state, it is also time for DLI to open up for in-person classes at The School of Drycleaning Technology in the fall of 2021. The complete schedule is listed on DLI’s website for all who are interested. This school has been in continual operation since 1927 with the exception of temporary suspensions during WWII and this past year’s pandemic. My family has three proud graduates of the school; my father in 1949, myself in 1978 and my son in 2014. During the pandemic the School of Drycleaning Technology operated virtually, providing a stain removal class for 19 students who are now graduates. Congratulations to them, all the past students, and to all of DLI’s future graduates.

Jess Culpepper

My term as President will come to an end this summer. I would like to thank those who placed their trust in me and express what a wonderfully rewarding and humbling experience it has been. There are some amazing people on staff at DLI and we should all be thankful for the work they do to make DLI the flagship association for the drycleaning industry. The volunteers who make up the Board of Directors are equally talented and dedicated in shaping DLI’s bright future. It has been my pleasure working with and getting to know each of you.

This association is most importantly about serving its membership. The lines of communication must always remain open and any concerns, suggestions, or thoughts should be shared between the members, directors, and staff, it is only then that we can serve the membership to the best of our abilities.

Jess Culpepper


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