Q1 2021

From the President: The Right Attitude

Jess Culpepper, DLI President

Albert Einstein said: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

The ultimate realization of this outlook is in our attitude. Having a positive attitude is more than coercing yourself to smile through what you perceive to be a bad day. It takes practice and training to acquire the attribute of a positive outlook and attitude. It is not a trait that is passed on through genetics; you have to want to learn the skill. This skill is more difficult for some than it is for others; therefore I work at it daily and I will stick with it even though I will likely never achieve mastery of this ability.

The future of our success is in our attitudes. Greet every day as the blessing that it is; with the right attitude and with a purpose. Surround yourself with likeminded people, set goals for yourself and your business, all the while making sure to measure your success at attaining these objectives and celebrating these achievements while you make the journey.

Positive attitudes are more contagious than any virus and the same can be said for negative attitudes. Working to cultivate a culture within your business of an optimistic, encouraging, and helpful staff can be derailed by a coworker with a pessimistic attitude. Identifying these individuals and either helping them with an “attitude adjustment” or removing them is key to moving in a positive direction. Be ready for the unforeseen troubles and obstacles you will encounter and maintain your focus on your goals.

We have been operating our businesses since March of 2020 much like a race car driver does when under the yellow caution flag. Functioning at about half speed with limited opportunity to progress but when the obstacle is cleared and that magnificent green flag waves you need to be in position to meet your customers’ needs and outperform your competition. This is where your DLI membership can help you in many ways. DLI can be of assistance helping you market your business, educating your staff as well as yourself in all facets of dry cleaning, and helping you navigate through all of the Covid-19 rules and regulations that have impacted your business.

What we all have experienced since the outbreak of Covid-19 is unprecedented in our lives and has had an effect on each of us, but when all is said and done we will successfully build back our lives and our businesses. We will remember the year as a challenge met and an experience learned. Working through circumstances like these and witnessing the resiliency of the American spirit makes it easy to believe thatEverything is a Miracle.”     


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