Q1 2020

From DLI’s President: It’s Time! Yes, It’s Time!

By Dennis Schmitt, DLI President

Time for what you ask?  It’s time to say THANK YOU to all the dedicated women and men that have given so much for the dry cleaning and laundry industry.  This association was formed 136 years ago by drycleaners FOR drycleaners. Millions of hours are donated by men and women who leave their businesses behind and go to the meetings for the betterment of the association, many of them on their own dime.  When the board members leave their families for the meetings or conference calls they are not working on their business, but on yours. The board exemplifies working together on several topics with lengthy discussions by using each individual’s strengths.  Its amazing the drive and determination the board has to keep us on the edge of success. TO ALL THE PAST AND PRESENT DLI BOARD MEMBERS, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Allied trades, as we all know we would not be able to survive without them and all their knowledge that they bring and their economic support that is so much in need.  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

DLI staff who are all working diligently to keep in touch with members, creating new and inventive ideas, keeping things fresh in front of us.  They shift their hours depending on workload and of course deal with the board members as well.  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

And I do not want to omit our own staff at our own businesses.  Their willingness to keep things running when we are gone, knowing how to keep maintaining everyday business by keeping customers happy.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Our goal is to serve you, the members, with the highest quality service and knowledge that DLI can bring to you.  I would ask all members to make sure you know all DLI has to offer.  Everyone is working for you and your success.  Please use the services we have.  We are waiting to hear from you, the drycleaner, about your new ideas.  Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns.  800-638-2627.  Email techline@DLIonline.org.    THANK YOU SO MUCH BEING A MEMBER OF DLI!

I would like to wish everyone a very prosperous 2020!

Happy and Safe,


DLI 2019-2020 Board of Directors
Front Row (left to right): Chairman Leland Waite; President-Elect Jess Culpepper, CGCP®; President Dennis Schmidt; Treasurer Bobby Patel.
Second Row (l-r): District 4 DCM Ray Kroner; District 4 Director Jeff Schwegmann II, CGCP®; District 2 Director Mark Pollock, CPD®; District 1 Director Kathy Benzinger; District 8 DCM Sassan Rahimzadeh; District 3 Director Perry Bullard, CED®; District 2 DCM Norman Way.
Third Row (l-r): District 5 Director Ed Longanecker; District 6 Director Richard Thum; Allied Trades Director Bill Odorizzi.
Not Pictured: District 3 DCM Mark Watkins; District 7 DCM Joe Blaha and Allied Trades DCM Dru Shields.

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