Q4 2019

DLI Renews Commitment to Helping Members Succeed

Mary Scalco, DLI CEO

As I write Fall is in the air, although in Maryland that can change in an instant and we can be back to 90 degrees and humidity but for now it’s a clear, crisp day—sweater weather.  And with this time of year and the holidays approaching we take stock of our lives—what is working, what we can do better, what we can change.

Like you, we at DLI periodically go through an evaluation process. Sometimes we come up with what I call “bright and shinnies.” These are the things that make you as a member go “wow”—like the Garment Analysis App or the mobile Encyclopedia, or the Stain Remover App.  But sometimes you have to put money and resources into the not-so-wow items like a new roof or a new membership database, which is what we are currently in the process of doing.

Now that is not to say this new database will not have some pretty cool features.  As a member you will be able to go into your account and add users and give them permissions so they can use DLI suite of apps or buy products and you can also turn off their access if they terminate their employment.  You will be able to access like-minded chat groups, i.e. the same solvent user as you or someone who offers a particular service like shoe repair.  Our new Find A Cleaner service will not only show listings by area but a consumer can also search by particular service offered.

From our end we will have a better understanding of you as an individual which means we can alert you when there is something new that is of interest—whether it is an upcoming conference or a new product.  Most importantly, it will allow us to stay in touch, something I know only seems to happen when we are updating your membership, which is a polite way of asking for money. Our mission is to help you succeed and these changes, though not as flashy as some of our recent projects, will help refine our refocus on assisting your success.

I wish you the best of luck with any new and exciting changes you may be undertaking as we strive to improve our ability to help your business succeed in this challenging, and rewarding, industry.








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