Q3 2019

How To Use DLI’s Encyclopedia Of Drycleaning (Online and App versions)

DLI’s Encyclopedia of Drycleaning contains almost everything The Institute has learned since its founding in the year 1883. Every currently in-print bulleting is digitized, uploaded, and made searchable. On top of that, the Encyclopedia of Drycleaning increases and expands constantly with the development and release of updated procedures, refined materials, and new machines. Hands down, DLI’s Encyclopedia of Drycleaning is the best resource available to business owners and managers who want to stay abreast of the latest industry trends, topics, and treatments. It is simple to use and makes a great reference tool to have on the go.

DLI’s Encyclopedia of Drycleaning is free to DLI Silver, Gold, Premier, International, and Allied Trades members. It works on handheld and desktop devices, meaning it can be used at work or on the move. Drycleaners no longer need to keep physical folders to efficiently satisfy customers by getting the job done right, every time. With the Encyclopedia of Drycleaning, nearly every iota of information DLI has collected is available at the touch of a few, virtual buttons. Once installed, users easily navigate through menus to quickly find information in decades of bulletins, articles, tips, and best practices.

DLI members using the Encyclopedia are encouraged to provide feedback on both frequently used terms as well as articles that were particularly helpful to them. Regular feedback helps DLI streamline the App, making life instantly easier and running a business less burdensome for all other members. “If they can’t find something for their search term, we update the Encyclopedia,” said Brian Johnson, DLI Director of Membership.


“It works like an Internet search, like a search engine,” Johnson said, meaning it’s easy to use and quickly pulls up the information requested. “The print feature allows you to print an article, send it to another device, download it to your device, email or share it.” Emailing an article can come in handy when explaining to a customer about a garment covered by the ‘Not In Vogue’ section, where specific pieces of designer clothing that have received a lot of complaints get a full write-up. (Sharing ‘Not In Vogue’ articles with customers may also help them lodge successful complaints with manufacturers and perhaps recover some of the value they lost due on a faulty garment.) Emailing one of the more than 15,000 articles can also be useful if you’re out of the office and an employee can’t seem to find a bit of information you located recently in the Encyclopedia. According to Brian Johnson, “More than one person in the company can download it and use it at the same,” making it perfect for operations big and small.

On top of all the fantastic features mentioned above, the Encyclopedia of Drycleaning can help familiarize business owners, managers, and their workers with standard terms used throughout the industry. Streamline your organization and cut down on confusion by adopting the industry-correct terms for laundry or drycleaning procedures and counter staff. Plus, members gain access to drycleaning’s ‘best practices’ as detailed in these sections of the App:

  • Counter Sense
  • Marketing Methods
  • Wetcleaning
  • Management Matters
  • Shirt & Laundry Procedures
  • Technical Operating Information
  • Regulatory & Legislative
  • More

Improve operational efficiencies by adopting proven strategies and reliable methods pioneered by others in your field. Leapfrog years of painful, financially risky trial and error by copying what worked for your fellow drycleaners – from the convenience of your mobile phone or tablet.

To access the Encyclopedia of Drycleaning, visit http://dlionline.org/, log in using your Membership ID, then browse through the online version or download the App from Google Playor the Apple App Store.

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