Q3 2019

From the President: Knowledge is Power

DLI President Dennis Schmitt and CEO Mary Scalco pause for a moment at Clean 2019 in Las Vegas.

Knowledge also brings comfort, knowing you’re doing it right, you can have peace and calmness and then comes convenience.

I hope you had a chance to go to the Clean Show 2019.  It was big and had everything to see, to touch, a chance to listen to someone explain the latest and greatest ideas. The best was talking to someone who is in the same business you are in and learn different ways to improve.

The DLI seminars were over the top and all very important to us cleaners, all related to today’s challenges.  Some of the seminars were NO Bad Days, Website First Impressions, Customer Service, Wash Dry Fold, and more. I also want to thank John Riddle for being our show runner for the past several decades. He and his team have done a fantastic job managing the millions of details for each Clean Show and we wish him a fabulous retirement.

You might be saying “why am I telling you after it’s over?”  Because we all need to get the power.  The world is moving so fast that we need to step out of our comfort zones for the betterment of our businesses and self-improvement.

The conversations I had with people who had the same issues had some solutions because they thought through the situation slightly differently than I did. I would have not been able to find those solutions if I stayed home.

A new owner or someone like myself with 42 years in the industry are always learning, whether it be a new way to do something or to think a little or a lot differently.  Business is a challenge today.  Learning is what makes it fun and definitely not boring!

We all know the reason for knowledge is to run our businesses efficiently, produce the best quality so the customers come back so we can grow our business.

DLI is able to help you in so many ways it almost unbelievable.  Do you want the power of that knowledge?  Do you want the comfort and peace that knowledge will bring? The Drycleaning and Laundry Institute has been serving our industry for 136 years* and can help in many situations. There are several ways to contact DLI;

  • Phone: 800-638-2627
  • Email: techline@dlionline.orgor by staff member’s first initial and last name @dlionline.org
  • DLI Chat: From the DLI website
  • Mail: DLI, 14700 Sweitzer Lane, Laurel MD 20707
  • Fax: (240) 295-4200


Please plan for the next Clean Show in Atlanta June 10-13, 2021 and grab the power! Before that gets here we’ll have more opportunities to network and learn at the winter conference, co-hosed with the National Cleaners Association, January 16-19, 2020 in Mexico. Learn more and register at http://fabricare.dlionline.org/2019/07/08/Mexico


Happy and Safe,



*The American Institute of Launderers (formed in 1883) and National Institute of Drycleaning (formed in 1907) merged to form DLI in 1973.

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