Q3 2019

Frequently Asked Questions: DLI Certifications

Updated deadline to register: August 18

Why should I get certified?

DLI endorses the concept of voluntary, periodic certification by examination for all professional cleaners. Certification focuses specifically on the individual and is an indication of current competency in a specialized field of practice.

Where are the exams administered?

Exams are administered online. Exam arrangements must be made by contacting DLI.


When may I take exams?

Exams are offered each year for two-week periods in February and August.


You have three different exams but four different certifications, why is that?

The Certified Professional Drycleaner®, Certified Environmental Drycleaner®, and Certified Professional Wetcleaner® certifications can only be earned by taking each respective exam. A Certified Garment Care Professional® (CGCP®) certification is awarded to any person earning all three of the exams. Certifications can expire, so all three must be current and valid at the same time to earn the CGCP® certificate.


May I take more than one exam during a testing period?

Yes. Some candidates have taken and completed all three exams during the same two-week examination period.


What kinds of questions are on the exams?

Exams are administered online and consist of a maximum of 250 multiple choice, objective questions with a total testing time of four hours. Exam questions are obtained from individuals with expertise in professional cleaning, textiles, and regulations, and are reviewed for construction, accuracy, and propriety.


Will my results be posted?

DLI will release individual exam scores ONLY to the individual candidate. Any questions concerning test results should be referred to DLI.


How can I prepare for the exam?

Once DLI receives your registration application, a study guide will be sent to you. Additional study guides (self-study courses) can be purchased from DLI.


How long are certifications valid?

Certifications are valid for three years. Recertification information will be sent to you from DLI about three months before your certification expires.


How can I recertify?

Recertification information and applications are sent to you from DLI and all material can be sent back to DLI. Head to DLIonline.org/Certification for more information.

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