March-April 2018

Kreussler Announces $10,000 in DLI Scholarships

Kreussler Pic
Tom McAllister, Kreussler TSR, Mary Scalco, DLI CEO, Richard Fitzpatrick, Vice President of Kreussler Inc., and Brian Johnson, DLI Director of Education & Analysis stand before the donated cleaning machine.

Kreussler is sponsoring seven scholarships to DLI’s School of Drycleaning Technology totaling $10,000 in 2018. DLI will award one of the new scholarships for each of its 2018 courses and Kreussler will award the rest to customers. Scholarship recipients must be members of DLI or join as members of the Institute to receive the assistance.

In 2017 Kreussler donated a Solvon K-4 drycleaning machine. Students are able to gain hands-on experience with the machine during DLI’s courses to learn how it can be used in the cleaning process.

“Kreussler is a German company. In Germany if one wishes to enter the professional textile care industry you go to school first,” said Richard Fitzpatrick, Vice President with Kreussler, Inc. “It makes no sense for any stake holder to have participants in such a complex trade as drycleaning not receive formal training.”

Lacking a required universal training and certification program, Fitzpatrick said the industry needs “to encourage as many cleaners as possible to participate in and take advantage of the training and education programs of our trade associations like DLI’s School of Dry Cleaning Technology.

“Making scholarships available helps to preserve our investment as well as benefit DLI and our clients and the industry as a whole. We are excited for the opportunity these will provide to the current and future generation of cleaners,” Fitzpatrick said.

“It is very exciting to have this new technology on display at the school and we appreciate Kruessler’s support of DLI’s education program,” said DLI CEO Mary Scalco . “The cost to attend DLI’s School of Technology can be a burden for many cleaners and Kreussler’s generous scholarships will allow many people who might not have been able to afford to attend the school and learn our industry best practices.  DLI is very fortunate to have the support of many of the industry’s Allied Trades.”

DLI will award one Kreussler scholarship per class held in 2018 and Kreussler will award the remaining scholarships to clients. All applicants must be DLI members to be considered for the scholarships. Contact DLI at 800-638-2627 or email to inquire about how to apply.

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